Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring

The Firm has over 30 years experience in bankruptcy and reorganization practice. Individuals or businesses considering bankruptcy are first informed about their options and whether bankruptcy is feasible. Because of its diverse legal experience the Firm can take family, professional and business issues into account to help clients make informed decisions. As soon as we have been retained, bankruptcy clients can refer all debt collection calls to our office.

Business Acquisitions

The Firm’s knowledge and experience in bankruptcy and business law gives it particular expertise in the acquisition of troubled or bankrupt companies. Our representation has successfully protected the interest of purchasers during bankruptcy proceedings. Even if the selling business is not a “troubled” business, our knowledge of bankruptcy and other related areas of law enables us to advise clients in avoiding pitfalls during the transaction and in the future.

Contract and Corporate Law

Through aggressive negotiation and litigation, the Firm has successfully represented clients who have signed contracts that were not in their best interests and executed without proper legal advice. However, prior to entering into the contract, it is best to seek legal advice early in the negotiating process. Through legal review and careful contract drafting, our law firm has helped protect the interests of our clients and avoided future legal issues.


We handle civil litigation for individuals and businesses on a variety of legal issues: bankruptcy, wrongful death, wrongful arrest, real estate, construction, business litigation and other areas. Even though our hope is that we can resolve the matter without litigation, our strategy is to prepare the client and the case for litigation at an early stage. We believe that an effective litigator needs to be thoroughly familiar with the client and the case from the very beginning. In that way, our attorneys are more prepared to persuade a jury or judge on the merits of the claim.

Probate Law

The Firm helps clients whose family members have died with or without a will. We support clients through the Probate process, including the appointment of an administrator if necessary, application for bond and the defense or prosecution of claims on behalf of the estate.

Serious Injury/Wrongful Death

We realize that this is a difficult time for victims and families. We walk clients through the legal process, trying to minimize their involvement as much as possible. We handle these cases with real compassion for the victims and their families, and pursue aggressive legal action on their behalf. This firm works hard to achieve a fair and just resolution, and obtain sufficient money for support and other compensation that clients deserve.

Wrongful Arrest

For clients who have been wrongfully detained or arrested by businesses and falsely accused of shoplifting or other crimes, the Law Firm of Diana McDonald, LLC acts as a strong advocate on their behalf. The Firm seeks compensation and justice for the victims in an effort to remedy the wrongs and prevent such conduct in the future.

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